Scientists Found a New Planet, but It Suddenly Vanished



The Hubble Telescope orbits our planet, looking out at the big unknown universe. Since it’s out of our atmosphere, the Hubble can see way further than telescopes on land. No clouds up there. This guy helped us confirm the theory about supermassive black holes in the centers of galaxies. It also discovered a whole bunch of new galaxies, including the world’s oldest one, which is about 8 billion years older than our Milky Way! But let’s travel 25 light-years away to another special star. Fomalhaut. It’s almost twice as big and heavy as the Sun. If you look at it from far away, you can see a bright yellow disk around it. It’s a debris disk, full of bits of space rock, and it’s huge. Scientists were curious about it, was all this space dust gonna get smooshed together and become a planet one day? But then they saw something else! Right there, through all that debris, was a massive mysterious object…

Patangbaaz From Bareilly – Sundeep Sharma Stand-up Comedy

This video starts with some incidents from my life in my hometown Bareilly, a beautiful city in western Uttar Pradesh which is famous for kites and a few more things. It covers a small part of my growing up years and the influences I had. There are some jokes and some spontaneous and uncensored interaction with a few members of the audience.

Chalo Hamari Shaadi Hai | Stand-up Comedy by Sundeep Sharma

Mumbai pahunche phir kya hua ? Agar time hai …jo ki aajkal hoga hee to neeche description padh lo. This video is the continuation of my previous video “Patangbaaz From Bareilly” . It takes forward the story from where I left last time, it covers how we went about our love marriage. The next 3 videos will also be a continuation of this same story.